Who are we?

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150 Corporate Plaza Suite #1, Islandia, New York 11749

Phone: (631) 582-4259 Fax: (631) 582-4549

Email: info@itsasolutioninc.com

We provide quickbooks help, quickbooks support, answer your quickbooks questions, online training and online classes

We offer quality business consulting, accounting system training and business management coaching. Our goal is to help our clients become organized, more efficient, increase profitability and grow.


We help business obtain accurate financial information so owners can understand and use their financial statements. We organize and analyze this information to spot variances and trends. Financial data provides vital feedback on how your company is performing. Companies who utilize this feedback appropriately greatly increase their long-term stability and profitability.


According to Small Business Administration statistics, only 31% of businesses survive 7 years or longer. As business consultants, we have witnessed many business failures. While some are unavoidable, most failures are preventable. We provide our clients with some of the tools necessary to survive and prosper.


We have worked with companies ranging from startup to $200 million revenues annually. Our most successful clients understand their finances, know how to spot trends and guide their companies, value their resources (technology, employees, marketing, customer services) and use these resources effectively. We help them achieve this.


Our principal, Eileen Dunn, CPA has been serving clients for over 20 years. She is a frequent lecturer, author of nationally published magazine articles, and teaches entrepreneurial skills at local colleges and trade groups.